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The Hotel Utah open mic is the epicenter of San Francisco's singer-songwriter community. Its stage attracts performers at all stages of their careers: from seasoned veterans to first-timers. Come on down this monday and check it out! The open mic goes on every monday night at the Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco - signup is between 7 and 7:30. Here's all the details...

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Resident photographer: Bridget Canfield

Most mondays Bridget Canfield is in residence photographing our open mic. Bridget is an editorial photographer, a member of ASMP and she's photographed some great bands over the years - check out more of her work here: http://200pockets.com

Slideshow © 1999-2012 200pockets.com. All rights reserved. Many thanks go to Bridget for putting this together. To see the photos from a different Monday night, have a look here: http://200pockets.com/projects/openmicnight_hotelutah

Upcoming Featured Performers

05/18/2015Genna Giacobassi
05/18/2015Jesse Dyen
05/25/2015Joel Taylor
06/01/2015Rach W
06/15/2015Kelly McFarling
06/15/2015megan keely
06/22/2015G.G. Tanaka

Upcoming Utah Related Shows

If you'd like your show added to this calendar, email Bridget at bridgetcanfield(at)msn.com

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Every performance at the hotel utah is recorded and is accessible to the artist via this website. The artist can choose to share and publish their performances with a click of a button. Here's a sampling of some performances from the utah:

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